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Brooklyn Girl, Chess Nationals, Portland, OR 2002 | by roberta fineberg 8 of 19
Photo essay  Roberta Fineberg photographs Grandmaster yasser seraiwan plays young players in simul game at Chess National in Dallas, Texas Photo essay on kids and chess roberta fineberg photographs young chess player Ben Gershenov at Chess Nationals in Portland, OR I make Boys Cry at Dallas Chess Nationals Dallas, TX  2001 an upset at Dallas Chess Nationals, Dallas, TX  2001 teen-age rider Chloe waits her turn to compete at Claremont Stables 1996
Practice Game chess champion Marc Tyler Arnold pushes a pawn Scholastic champion teen girl chess player Laura Ross competes in the annual World Open chess tournament in Philadelphia photographed by Roberta Fineberg for a photo essay on kids and chess Scholastic Chess Nationals in Portland, Oregon 2002 Claremont Riding Academy on the Upper West Side Manhattan 1993 Donning chaps for a riding lesson at Claremont Stables New York City 1993
Children play tournament chess at the Manhattan Chess Club 2001 elementary school girl chess player beats her opponent at USCF Chess Nationals in Portland, Oregon 2002 child awaiting oponent at Portland Chess Nationals 2002 Young rider Sasha grooms her horse in Leonia, New Jersey stable 1993 Horsie all-girls club friendship bracelets 1993
Young chess champion Marc Tyler Arnold watches players at the top boards during the USCF Super Nationals in Kansas City, MO 2001 Brooklyn girl chess player at USCF chess nationals for kids USCF Kansas City Super Nationals 2001 Teenage rider Jenny prepares horse for Central Park bridle path ride 1996
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