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Camping out, Obama Inauguration, DC 2009 | by roberta fineberg 1 of 20
Girl Camped out to attend Obama Inauguration 2009 Washington, DC Documentary Photography Celebrating Obama victory 2009 Southern Ball 2009 for Obama  on Inauguration Day TEA Party protest Obama 2009 TEA Party against Obama 'Socialism'
Washington Monument Obama Inauguration Day Washington, DC Obama backpacker supporter en route to US Capitol Washington, DC for inauguration day 2009 Obama Inauguration Day Southern Ball 2009 Washington, DC TEA Party Protesting on Tax Day TEA Party 'Taxes Kill Families' 2009
Washington Mall Obama Inauguration Day 2009 Southern Inaugural Ball 2009 National Guard Armory Washington, DC Southern Inaugural Ball 2009 for president Obama Impeach Obama TEA Party slogan 'Taxed Enough Already'
African American victory and flag waving on Inauguration Day for president Obama Washington, DC Southern Inaugural Ball 2009 Washington, DC Southern Inaugural Ball for Obama 2009 Washington DC TEA Party protests against big government 2009 TEA Party Market Square Pittsburgh, PA protest 2009
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