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Roberta Fineberg Photographer

Based in Paris and New York for over 25 years, Ms. Fineberg's photographs have been exhibited in France, the U.S., and Russia, and are in private and public collections, such as the Bibliotheque Nationale and Bibliotheque Marguerite Durand (Paris, France). For Curate NY 2013-2014 an image from her 'Oh, the Webs We Weave' series was selected by Guest Curator Linda Michael, Senior Curator, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne for an online exhibition. In New York in 2002, she received an original work grant from the Dept. of Cultural Affairs. Print's Regional Design Annual in 2003 awarded Ms. Fineberg for book jacket photography. Roberta Fineberg's personal work from 2010-present includes photopolymer intaglio prints, nightscapes (Light Play), and an ongoing iphoneography visual diary.

As an award-winning photographer whose career began with photos and reporting in the Saturday Review while still a student in Paris, France, Ms. Fineberg contributed photography to Le Monde, Paris Match, L'officiel Femme, Ms., Weltwoche, Vanguardia, among other magazines. Her images are on catalog covers and book jackets for W.W. Norton, St. Martin's Press, Harcourt, Bookspan, and Simon & Schuster. Macmillan published City Riders, with photos and text on girls and horses, in 1997. As a stock agency (nonstock, Jupiter, and Getty) contributor and freelancer Roberta Fineberg's editorial and commercial work appear regularly in print and digital media.

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